Charity events

Major fundraising events such as balls, gala dinners, fashion shows and receptions often provide much needed income for charities. Chris is keen to support these activities whenever he can.

With first- hand experience, Chris appreciates how much effort goes into planning a major event and understands that, on the day, organisers are often so deeply involved with their projects that they cannot relax and enjoy the fruits of their labours.

As your toastmaster or master of ceremonies, Chris can ease this situation by freeing you from the management and worries of your event. He will coordinate the proceedings leaving you free to relax and host your guests, reaping some of the rewards for your efforts. For charitable causes, Chris usually donates his fee.

Prior to your fundraiser

Chris will:

  • liaise with you to discuss your ideas and schedule
  • advise on etiquette and protocol as appropriate
  • assist with the sequencing of activities
  • discuss how you would like your guests to be managed
  • give advice for announcements and supporting words
  • discuss the tempo and ethos of your organisation and fundraising event so that what is said and done complements your objectives.

On the day

Chris will:

  • arrive in plenty of time so he can finalise details with you and include any late amendments
  • take responsibility for the smooth running of your event
  • make announcements and introductions
  • support your guest speakers
  • ensure the comfort of your guests as much as possible;
  • be on hand to deal with the unexpected.

Chris is a great team-builder and quickly establishes rapport. He will work with your team and other contributors, particularly the venue manager, to ensure the smooth running of the event. He is an accomplished public speaker who is adept at judging his audience and projecting just the right degree of levity to ensure guests are relaxed, comfortable and enjoy themselves.

If you feel Chris might be able to help you and your organisation, please contact him.

chris with guests

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