Civil ceremonies

A civil ceremony is generally less formal than a religious service and provides greater opportunity for the bride and bridegroom to introduce flexibility into their special day. Whether youíre dreaming of an informal day filled with spontaneous fun or an equally enjoyable occasion with a little more formality, your wedding celebration needs to be carefully coordinated. Your guests need to feel comfortable and reassured that thereís always someone gently guiding them so they are in the right place at the right time without feeling hurried or pressured. As your toastmaster, Chris will ensure this happens discreetly and without fuss so you and your guests enjoy every moment of your special day.

Chris will liaise with all contributors, supporting each to give of their best. He will ensure everyone is kept informed as events unfold. He will keep the photographers appraised so they donít overrun, your guests gently managed so they are all seated at the right time and the venue manager informed so that the wedding breakfast is served at peak readiness. Chris will support those making speeches, particularly for the first time, with just the right level of support to steady the nerves so, when finished, they can sit down feeling delighted in a job well done.

In the weeks prior to your wedding

Chris will:

  • meet with you to understand your plans and wishes
  • advise you on etiquette and ceremony so you can decide what's right for you, particularly when in front of the Registrars
  • help you sequence events and plan your day with confidence
  • advise your decisions about reception drinks, a receiving line, a cake cutting ceremony and a formal first dance
  • explain the roles and duties of the participants (bridegroom, best man, ushers etc.)
  • support those giving speeches in their preparation and presentation
  • give advice on the management of your guests.

On your wedding day

Chris will:

  • never be far from your side
  • address your wishes as they arise so you can relax and enjoy your day
  • deal with the unexpected
  • attend the Registry Office or your chosen venue to support you and your guests
  • welcome your guests on arrival at the reception
  • assist with the hosting should you and your family be otherwise engaged
  • discretley liaise with all involved in making your day special
  • make announcements as required
  • support those making speeches and presentations
  • organise the ceremonial, including cutting the cake;
  • be there to ensure that you, your family and your guests thoroughly enjoy your special occasion.

Chris will help you to realise the day of your dreams. He will be at your side during planning and throughout your wedding. He will make certain that your plans and wishes are brought to life just as you intended with precision, subtlety and a touch of style to ensure your celebration, is a day above all others, to be remembered and cherished by all.

If you'd like to find out more, please contact Chris.

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